PepGene is an immuno-oncology company using novel computational algorithms and drug delivery technology to create personalized, neoantigen-based therapeutics. Motivated by a wide range of unmet needs in cancer treatment, PepGene combines AI algorithms with novel neoantigen sources and novel vaccine delivery system to create highly-personalized, low-risk cancer vaccines that can activate the human immune system to efficiently eradicate cancer cells while minimizing the potential of side effects. By using cutting-edge technologies, PepGene is dedicated to creating neoantigen-based therapeutics that can significantly increase the specificity of cancer immunotherapy treatment and improve the life quality of cancer patients.


Neoantigens are mutant proteins that come from non-self genomic alterations. In the context of cancer hallmarks, neoantigens occur only on the surface of cancerous cells and can direct the T cell immune response and drive cancer cell killing. Neoantigens are tumor-specific, which makes it a compelling therapeutic strategy to direct the human immune system to target neoantigen-tagged cancer cells without affecting normal cells. 

THE CHAllenge

While there has been a growing appreciation for the potential of neoantigen-based immune-oncology therapy, the industry faces two significant challenges in developing effective neoantigen treatments:

1) Low accuracy in predicting and choosing neoantigens; 

2) Low delivery efficiency of cancer vaccines  


The combined result is a low therapeutic potency of cancer vaccine treatments, which decrease the viability of neoantigen therapeutics for a broader range of cancer treatments.

Our Solution

PepGene combines its unique advantages in both computational and experimental platforms to develop personalized cancer vaccines as a valid and low-risk treatment feasible to a wide range of cancer patients:

Big Data.png

Novel Neoantigen Sources

Broader coverage 

of neoantigen sources, 

originate from both coding 

regions and non-coding 


Artificial Intelligence.png

AI Algorithm Engine

Novel AI algorithm 

to improve the neoantigen prediction by in-house generated data

Problem Solving.png

Novel Delivery System

Innovative vaccine 

delivery technology that enhances the half-life time and the immune-activation potency of vaccine.